Tekst etykiety w języku angielskim

NANO SILVER aerosol SANITIZER is a virucide, bactericide and fungicide spray used for disinfection of surfaces, materials, equipment and furniture that do not come into contact with food or animal feed. 

Silver molecules contained in the preparation penetrate the disinfected surface, as well as gaps, cracks and scratches, thus preventing the development of microorganisms. When aerosol is applied to the surface, an antibacterial film of tens of trillions of silver molecules per square centimetre is formed to protect against the harmful effects of microorganisms. Activity confirmed by research (e.g. Report ITA-TEST Warsaw no. B- 45318/25173/15, research of Zakład Wirusologii PZH [Department of Virology, National Institute of Hygiene] E-EW-078-11/16).

Application: For domestic use: decontamination of footwear; motor, cycling, and ski accessories; helmets, gloves, animal beds, walls, furniture, armchairs, fabrics, mattresses, tiles, carpeting, carpets, joints, toilets – wherever there is an increased risk of contact with microorganisms. For professional use: disinfection of objects, equipment, surfaces and sanitary facilities in hospitals, clinics, dental offices, veterinary offices, nursing homes, tattoo parlours; hairdressing, beauty, and tanning salons; fitness clubs, massage parlours, hotels, restaurants, computer labs, sports footwear rentals, etc.

How to use: Clean conditions – the preparation should be applied evenly on the previously cleaned and dried surface so that it completely covers the disinfected area. It is necessary to maintain the surface moist throughout the entire disinfection period. For clean conditions the preparations shows virucidal activity in 5 minutes, bactericidal activity in 5 minutes and fungicidal activity in 15 minutes. Leave to dry. The surface is disinfected and suitable for use after evaporation of the product. Do not use on surfaces sensitive to alcohol, may stain white surfaces, if in doubt a test should be performed.

Biocidal product Trade Permit No.: 3844/09 issued on 03.11.2009.